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Autumn Harvest II 中秋月圆好礼二

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Autumn Harvest II 中秋月圆好礼二

Beautiful Tea & Snacks Collaboration with local Yi Xing Xuan Teahouse! 

Celebrating Mid-Autumn festival with a Taiwanese touch.

Featuring: Yi Xing Xuan TeaHouse Taiwan Oolong Tea (2 Tins), a box of ToteallyTea snacks (Choose 1 of our 3 options) and a scoop to perfectly portion out the tea leaves. 

Set A2 - Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds Crisp + Beauty of the East (80g) + Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (50g) + Scoop 

Set B2 - Kumquat Citrus Lemon Snow Puff + Beauty of the East + San Lin Xi Oolong Tea (50g) + Scoop 

Set C2 - Cranberry Snow Puff + Beauty of the East (80g) + High Mountain Oolong Tea + Scoop

*Set comes with a paper bag with ribbon